T  i  m     J  a  n  s  s  e  n  s

Tim Janssens is a classical trained composer, but first gained recognition in the pop world, producing music for artists like Ne-Yo, Flo-Rida and Nelly Furtado, with frequent Billboard hits.

Currently he is writing music for film and television. His music is used on BBC, MTV, Eurosport and many more. He got his first award for the short „ESC“ by Dutch director Sjoerd De Bont, which won several awards at Breda including best score and best movie. After doing his first feature, 48 Minuten, he won the „Gopro Nature Award“ in 2014, for a short nature documentary which he scored and directed himself. In 2015 the movie „These Dirty Words“ won first place in Hollywood for the „International Best Film 48 Hour Film Project“ by Dutch director Jens Rijsdijk. The fourth place was for „Stoorzender“, both movies were scored by Tim, which is an amazing feat since more then 4.500 movies entered the competition. Both these movies are being screened at the Cannes 2015 “Short Film corner”.

In 2015 Tim will be scoring 2 feature films, which are now in pre-production, again teaming up with directors Jens Rijsdijk and Sjoerd de Bont.

Movie Composer Credits:

- The Neighbourhood (2015)

  1. - Malachi (2015)

  2. - Star Kids (2015)

-  These Dirty Words (2014)

  1. - Stoorzender (2014)

-  Amulet (2014)

-  The Rehabilitation Of Jules Mendez (2014)

-  Los (2014)

-  48 Minuten (2013)

-  ESC (2013)

-  Bas & Ben Bang (2013)

-  Droomvrouw (2013)

-  Niets Meer (2013)

-  Occultist (2013)

-  The Druid’s Cage (2013)

-  The Requiem (2013)

-  Wing Commander Saga (VG) (2012)

-  Vaccine (2011)

Music Composer For Film And Television